Commercial Renewal Form

Hello, Valued MSP Client, and welcome to our Commercial Renewal Questionnaire!
The questionnaire is located below, here are a few tips to consider while filling out this form:  
This questionnaire is indented to capture any updates that may be required on your account. We understand that your business is unique and not all questions may apply, please leave blank any questions that do not pertain to you.  There is a general comment field at the end of this form to add in any other details you would like to provide.
Revenue Note:  Revenues are your GROSS total sales, before any deductions. We are ideally looking for the total revenues generated within your insurance policy term, alternatively, you can provide your fiscal year.
If you would like to schedule an appointment, by phone, zoom, or in person, you can access our calendar by clicking here, please choose a time that is convenient for you, or call the office at 905-238-6500 to speak with your Account Manager. 

↑ What were your gross revenues for your last policy term? ↑
↑ What do you estimate the upcoming policy term's gross revenues to be?
↑ For example, a contractor that works on both residential and commercial properties could list: 50% Residential 50% Commercial
↑ If you are not sure what we have on file, please call us.
↑ If so, please comment.
↑ If so, please comment. Do you need to re-visit the amount of insurance you carry?
Would you like MSP to contact you?: